I am planning to amass $3.3 Million, and I will not stop until I do.

I believe that will be enough money to handle all my family’s needs now and in the future.

I will not stop there, but the rest I will give away.

I just officially started a $3.3M Club for all of us who are committed to the same goal. We will help each other to amass our fortunes, together. then we will give the rest away, together.

Won’t you join me (no charge, guys are already joining)?

– matt

why do it alone… it’s harder and much less enjoyable that way.

Well, ladies and gents, this is it.  Post #200 on this Blog.
Took about 10 months.  And over 4,500 people have now been here.  Almost all of them came from SEs. This site is in the top 5-10 on many of the top search engines for such phrases as:  feelings and emotions, control feelings, control emotions, control anger, etc.
It's been fun, and I've learned a lot (and probably wasted way too much time here for the ROI).  But I need to learn how to write, quickly, succinctly, interestingly and compellingly.
so off I go.  My 2005 motto:

Here's a new study on STROKES, finds that many people felt intense Anger, and drastically changed their Body posture, within 2 hours of having their Stroke. 

Unhappiness = not feeling the way you want to feel.
Happiness = feeling the way you want to feel.

(yep, it's that simple.)

Articles to write
How to FeelHow to change your Anger into LoveHow to change your Sadness into JoyHow to change your Depression into Personal PowerHow to Feel ALIVE!
The first step, in all of these, is to Allow Your Feelings!

if you're afraid of someone, you're no much fun to be around.
get some courage… even if it to be able to be around cool people.
cool people are seldom afraid.

  • if they are afraid, they're not afraid to say so (hmmm.)
  • but they're not afraid much.
  • or at least not constantly.

Personal Responsibility is the KEY to Healthy Living!
    It's the only way to fly, on your own wings.

Personal Responsibility is sometimes about:

  • being willing to hear stuff you don't want to hear.
  • It's about being willing to feel things you don't want to feel 
  • iIt's about being willing to say stuff you don't want to say.

Do it anyway. 
     or keep being a victim.... 
     it's your choice.

"Boys do cry - but they find it much harder than girls to talk about their feelings or seek help when they are distressed, new research shows."
Read this article about a study done on boys, 10-14, and how they learn to NOT express themselves.  They found that 47 per cent said they never talked about their feelings... ouch.
And here's the real eye-opener -- they found that the More time the boys spent with their Fathers, the Less they expressed their feelings.  Not good.  Single-parent homes are where the kids are learning that it IS ok to feel.  Why? (imho)

I'll Stand by You
Oh.Why you look so sad?the tears are in your eyescome on and come to me, now
don't be ashamed to crylet me see you through'cause I've seen the dark side, too.
when the night falls on youdon't know what to donothing you'd confesscan make me love you less.
I'll stand by you.
I'll stand by you.won't let nobody hurt you.I'll stand by you.
so,If your mad, get mad!Don't hold it all insidecome on and talk to me, now
afraidwhat you got to hideI get angry too.well I'm a lot like you.

Do what Needs to be donenot just what you Feel like doing.
Set boundaries and goals and Focus.

It's not funnyand it's not always fun
do it anyway.
Make a plan and work the plan.
This has been an awesome time for my wife PKP and I to just Be.A time to heal, I hope;and to grow.We both had (/have) some growing up to do.

People can't get behind me, if they don't know which way I am facing.