What Is EQ?

In a super-safe, loving environment, we start by talking to your left-brain, so it can understand and give the right-brain permission to proceed. Then, we delve into your right-brain — to discover, and release, some of the pictures, sounds, voices, pains and anger from your past — by allowing your inner child to speak, and feel… and heal.  Then, we’ll help you through a Statement of Direction… a proclamation that ‘I am through being a victim, and finished blaming others’… and I choose to use our Personal Power from this day forward!

Some lecture, but mostly experiencial including sharing, visualization, communication, emotional processing and role-play exercises. It’s 2.5 solid days of intensive EQ skills training, personal connections, and emotional release. On Friday night from 7-11ish, Saturday from 9-8ish, Sunday starts at 9, graduation’s at 7pm. boom, you’re different. things have changed. the world looks brighter, and more hopeful, and more in your control.

I promise you that within those short hours, you will see and feel your life change dramatically, for the better, or we will give you your money back. We are willing to love and accept you as you are — even the parts of you that YOU may not like — until you can start to love and accept yourself.

The truth is, that we are really quite selfish in doing this work. I/we want our world better… and we have found that the best way, and the most fulfilling way, for us to do that, is to help YOU feel better about Yourself. The more you love yourself, the better our world will be! We call it Ultimate Selfishness… and it’s working!

EQ and Emotional Intelligence are the keys to happiness and success in life.

• Increased self-confidence
• Renewed enthusiasm for life
• Better personal relationships
• More effectiveness at work
• Relief from anger and depression
• Compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others
• A better understanding of loved ones
• A greater spiritual identity
• A clearer sense of purpose